Koinonia Community Baptist Church, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), was founded with the vision to live out the Bible’s teaching on the Greatest Commandment – to love God and love one another, and the Great Commission – to make disciples of all nations. ‘Koinonia’ in Greek means fellowship of shared life. It names the distinctive character of the life of the triune God which is the basis of our new life with God in Christ and with each other.

1. The Bible
What is the most important thing in our church? KCBC is committed first and foremost to studying and obeying the Word of God. In a world that operates according to programs and agendas, we are tempted, like the busy-body Martha, to forget the most important thing.  At KCBC, we are reminded that we need to be like Mary, who sat and listened with reverence and delight at Jesus’ feet, before we actively serve like Martha.  KCBC is committed to the study and teaching of God’s word through quiet time, Bible studies, Sunday School, Sunday messages, seminars, retreats and discipleship training for personal growth and for the purposes of training and evangelism.

2. “One Soul is More Important than the Whole World”
In Luke 15:3-7, the shepherd who lost one sheep leaves the rest of his flock of ninety-nine to go and find the one lost sheep. This is impractical and ludicrous by the world’s standard, but God loves each individual as tenaciously and wastefully as this shepherd. At KCBC, we experience the same personal love from God and strive to consider each other as valuable as God does.

3. Lordship
In Mark 14:1-9 we have an inspirational example of discipleship in the woman who breaks her alabaster jar of perfume to anoint Jesus with her most precious possession. This act captures the essence of what it means to serve Jesus as the Lord of our lives. At KCBC, we strive to emulate such whole-hearted devotion as the only appropriate response to Gods’ extravagant love.

4. Team Ministry – Covenant Relationships
The Bible abounds with examples of beautiful love/trust relationships. We believe that God desires that His church not only devote itself to loving Him intimately, but also to loving one another and working together toward the salvation of souls. Examples like Paul and Timothy, David and Jonathan, Naomi and Ruth serve as our models of covenant relationships. It is precisely within covenant relationships that we cultivate godly love, obedience, trust and sacrifice. At KCBC, we want to allow God to use our covenant relationships as channels for His will.

5. Family of God
In a world where relationships are disconnected and families fragmented, the family of God provides a place of true connection. As we cultivate relationships at KCBC, the church becomes a web of love, and we participate in establishing God’s history and roots. At KCBC, one of the ways we endeavor to build up God’s family is through fellowship. Whether it is through food, games, trials, victories, or other memory-making moments, we join together as one body with Christ as the head.

6. The World is our Mission Field
Beginning with one person, and going to the whole world, the KCBC family obeys God’s commission to share His Good News to “the ends of the earth.” As we expand God’s tent, we are committed to strengthening each stake, holding nothing back, as we send out and support our long-term and short-term missionaries all over the world.

7. Prayer and Intercession
Prayer is one of the greatest privileges of Christian life. Individually and corporately we experience God’s mighty working through prayer even in seemingly impossible situations. The Word of God and Prayer–being listed here as the first and last of our principles–serve as bookends holding together all the other values of KCBC.